In the Mind’s Eye / La Mirada de Quien Contempla

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ISBN: 978-1-913875-18-3

136 pages

280 × 240 mm (9 ½ × 11 in)

100 colour illustrations

In association with the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum-FIU, Miami

September 2022


This English/Spanish bilingual volume explores Cuban and U.S. landscape painters largely active from 1850 to 1910 whose portrayals of Cuba reflect political, social, and ideological changes in both countries.

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A ground-breaking exploration of the Cuban landscape in the imagination of American and Cuban artists, In the Mind’s Eye opens new avenues of inquiry about the Caribbean island which has played an outsized role in global politics, economics and culture. For centuries an Edenic image of fantasy and escapism has been projected onto Cuba by observers from North America and Europe; until recent times, the harsh historical and contemporary realities of servitude, racial strife and environmental degradation rarely coloured artists’ portrayal of the country.

In the Mind’s Eye tells many stories about Cuba that reflect the island’s significance, both as the place from which Cubans fled, and a destination to which Americans flocked. 19th-century American artists William Glackens, Childe Hassam, Winslow Homer and Willard Metcalf are featured alongside contemporary artists including Juan Carlos Alom, María Magdalena Campos-Pons and Juana Valdés. Two new interviews with artists Juana Valdés and Carlos Martiel conducted by Donette Francis and Elvia Rosa Castro highlight the importance of contemporary Cuban art.

Author biographies

Amy Galpin is the chief curator, Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum-FIU, Miami

Katherine Manthorne is professor of Art of the United States, Latin America, and Their Cross-Currents, 1750–1950 and deputy executive officer, the Graduate Center, City University of New York

Jorge Duany is director of the Cuban Research Institute and Professor of Anthropology in the Department of Global & Sociocultural Studies at Florida International University

Table of Contents

  • Lenders to the exhibition
  • Acknowledgements
  • Foreword by Jordana Pomeroy
  • Introduction by Amy Galpin
  • Turning the Landscape into a Homeland: Landscape Painters in Cuba, 1850–1920 by Jorge Duany
  • Cultural Exchanges between Cuba and the United States, 1850–80 by Katherine Manthorne
  • The Waters in Between and the Art of Juana Valdés with Donette Francis
  • The Locks of Carlos Martiel: The Body as a Political Device with Elvia Rosa Castro
  • Catalogue
  • Chronology by Rozzmery Palenzuela Vicente and Amy Galpin
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Staff list / Image credits