Grand Gallop

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Paperback, deckled edge, thread sewn

ISBN: 978-1-913875-36-7

332 pages including 3 × 6 page gatefolds

218 × 300 mm (11 13/16 × 7 7/8 in)

75 colour and 40 b&w illustrations

October 2022


Forthcoming bilingual traditional Chinese and English volume illuminates new histories of the art and culture of the horse in China and from a global perspective.

Winner of the Golden Pin Design Award 2022.

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Featuring striking full-colour images and new research, this publication from the Hong Kong Palace Museum celebrates some of the most important works of horse art from the Palace Museum and the Louvre Museum. Five essays and forty-five entries highlight objects dating from the Han (206 BCE–220 CE) to Qing (1644–1911) dynasties. The authors explore the horse in art in a way that is accessible to general readers, encouraging them to think through comparisons with objects from both institutions.

Centred on the question of human connection to the horse across time in China and beyond, the catalogue entries are divided into sections that examine the horse in mythology and religion, military culture, and transnational traversals, providing a means for reflecting on fundamental issues of human creativity, ambition, and tradition. This is a beautifully designed and thought-provoking volume that will find a ready market among those with an interest in Chinese art and culture.

Published to celebrate the opening of the new Hong Kong Palace Museum in July 2022, Grand Gallop accompanies a major exhibition of the same name that is expected to generate significant media attention.

Author biographies

Jiao Tianlong is head curator, Hong Kong Palace Museum
Ingrid Yeung is associate curator, Hong Kong Palace Museum
Xing Lunan is associate curator, Department of Painting and Calligraphy, the Palace Museum, Beijing
Chou Weichiang is curator, Hong Kong Palace Museum
Yannick Lintz is director, Department of Islamic Arts, Louvre Museum
Sarah Kenderdine is professor of digital museology, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
Jeffrey Shaw is chair professor, Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University

Table of Contents

  • Forewords
  • Horse Culture and Art in Early China by Ingrid Yeung and Jia Tianlong
  • The Art of the Horse in Chinese Painting by Xing Lunan
  • On the Interactions between Early Qing Emperors and the Imperial Stables by Chou Weichiang
  • The Horse in Islamic Art by Yannick Lintz
  • Three Realms by Sarah Kenderdine and Jeffrey Shaw
  • Galloping Across Time, Across Boundaries
  • Plates
  • Catalogue of the Exhibition
  • Acknowledgements