Olympic Stadiums

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ISBN: 978-1-907804-95-3

176 Pages

274 x 222 mm (8 ¾ x 10 ¾ in)

94 colour photographs

In association with the International Olympic Committee, Lausanne

October 2016


Paints a fascinating picture of the life of an Olympic stadium

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Curated and edited at the Culture & Education Programmes Unit, The Olympic Museum.
Contributions by Tim Abrahams, Nicolas Bancel, Geraint John, Vincent Kaufmann, Michelle Lemaître, Ben McCormick, Claire Nicolas, Dave Parker and Pascal Viot.

With a wealth of archival images, photos of athletes in action and detailed shots of the stadiums in which they perform, this new volume is a richly illustrated souvenir of the changing design and purpose of Olympic stadiums over the past century.

Ten features examine the politics, architecture, future, sustainability and the creative and artistic impact of Olympic stadiums; they show how the International Olympic Committee works with Organizing Committees for the Olympic Games to build stadiums that respond to the long term needs of a city, and look at iconic stadiums that demonstrate architectural prowess and attract international attention. Interviews with athletes and with those who work in and on the stadiums, include London 2012 artist-in-residence Neville Gabie. A visual timeline reveals how architecture has changed over the past century.

Not available in the USA or PRC

Table of contents

  1. Foreword by IOC president Thomas Bach
  2. History: The origins: a historical overview by Geraint John & Dave Parker
  3. Olympic stadiums milestones by Geraint John & Dave Parker
  4. Are stadiums a political symbol? by Claire Nicolas & Nicolas Bancel
  5. Architecture and Urban Planning: The role and place of the stadium in an Olympic city by Geraint John & Dave Parker
  6. Sustainable stadiums and venues by Michelle Lemaître
  7. Playing with the urban fabric by Tim Abrahams
  8. Architectural challenges by Tim Abrahams
  9. The stadium: where the crowd becomes the audience by Pascal Viot & Vincent Kaufmann
  10. Arts and Olympic Sites: Changing places: Neville Gabie, artist-in-residence on the site of London 2012 by Ben McCormick
  11. Olympic sculpture by Ben McCormick
  12. About the Authors
  13. Photography Credits