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Sunday 26 March 2017 Pierre Gouthière exhibition now open in Paris

Or virtuose a la cour de France: Pierre Gouthière (1732-1813) will be at Musée des Arts décoratifs, Paris, March 16 until June 25, 2017.

A version of the exhibition which opened at The Frick Collection, New York, November 16, Or virtuose a la cour de France features the work of one of the most famous artisans of the eighteenth century, Pierre Gouthière, gilder and chiseller to Louis XV and Louis XVI. 104 objets d'art and 85 drawings and prints positions the work of Gouthière at the heart of developments in the decorative arts in this period.

Pierre Gouthière Pierre Gouthière Virtuoso Gilder at the French Court
Christian Baulez and Charlotte Vignon. Contributions by Anne Forray-Carlier, Joseph Godla, Helen Jacobsen, Luisa Penalva, and Emmanuel Sarméo

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