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Soulful Creatures iBook

Published by iBook

Published — ()

Format — ebook

Price — UKĀ£8.49/US$12.99

News  —  Soulful Creatures: Animal Mummies in Ancient...

            —  Soulful Creatures is now available on iBooks

Sales Points

"Translates well into a digital book; the photographs look stunning on screen with the added advantage of being interactive, so you can make each full-screen or zoom in for greater detail. The size of the text, too, can be altered to suit (great for when you can’t find your glasses!), and can be easily searched and annotated with bookmarks, notes and highlighting. You can also choose to view holding your tablet horizontally or vertically using the scrolling display for easy reading"—Sarah Griffiths, Ancient Egypt Magazine

Available from Apple iBookstore and iTunestore here.

About the Book

Soulful Creatures is the first proper survey of this fascinating side of ancient Egyptian life, and takes a closer look at the Brooklyn Museum’s renowned Egyptian collection, which includes snake, dog, and hawk mummies; crocodile and falcon coffins; and baboon votive offerings. By drawing on archaeology, cultural history, and modern medical imaging, including x-rays of the mummies, this beautifully presented Ebook represents a cross-disciplinary investigation into the many contentious theories of animal mummy practice. Accessible to the general reader who wants to understand more about animal mummies, it offers a new understanding of the ancient world through some of its most extraordinary surviving artifacts.


About the Author(s)

Edward Bleiberg is Curator of Egyptian, Classical, and Ancient Middle Eastern Art at the Brooklyn Museum; Yekaterina Barbash is Assistant Curator of Egyptian Art at the Brooklyn Museum; Lisa Bruno is the Head Conservator of Objects at the Brooklyn Museum