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Thursday 8 November 2012 New Schoner Manuscript found

John Hessler writes that over the weekend it was confirmed by Menso Folkerts that the manuscript he found at Columbia University is in fact from the hand of Johannes Schoner. This is an extremely exciting development in that this is now one of only three Schoner manuscripts found outside of Vienna (one is of course the Kislak Sammelband…the other the Durer Star Chart still in the collections at Wolfegg). Read on to see what John Hessler writes about his discovery ...

"The manuscript itself is fascinating in that it contains a series of problems in indeterminate algebraic analysis and seems to confirm my theory that Johannes Schoner had access to and copied Regiomontanus' notes on Diophantine Equations. This manuscript shows that Regiomontanus (in whose hand some of the Columbia manuscript is in) was interested in indeterminate analysis and derives from the arabic algebra written by Al-Khwarizmi, most likely in a translation from Gerard of Cremona. Following this text there are found a series of problems in Regiomontanus' hand that he seems to have written in 1456. This is a great missing link in the evolution of the Algorithmus demonstratus, that Schoner published in 1534. The fact that Schoner was reading problems concerning the solution of rational points on elliptic curves and in indeterminate analysis helps explain his reasons for publishing the Algorithmus." Attached are a few images to look at.

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