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Wednesday 12 June 2013 Longing for the sun

The coldest spring for 50 years has made inhabitants of the British Isles long and long for summer – we are still waiting… In the absence of feeling the lovely warm sun on your body, you’ll have to imagine it. To help you on your way, we’ve just published Eternal Summer: The Art of Edward Henry Potthast which features over 100 works by this Cincinnati artist, including his light-infused, sun-drenched representations of long days spent on the beach.

Cincinnati Art Museum’s exhibition of the same name opened on 8th June and runs until 8th September. Potthast (1857-1927) was born in Cincinnati and studied and worked in Europe during the 1880s. His watercolours, oil paintings and pastels reflect the concerns and interests of his time, from scenes of rural peasant life to the middle-classes at leisure, from representations of woodland and rivers to depictions of nature in its more monumental form including the Alps and the Grand Canyon.

CAM’s show includes sketchbooks, watercolours, pastels, prints and oil paintings illustrating the full range of his work drawn from CAM’s own collection from other institutions and private collections. The watercolours and oils show the impressionist influence on his work; his beach scenes are studded with shards of light, recalling those days when the light is so bright that it hurts your eyes as it bounces off the waves. His rural scenes, portraying farmers and European peasants, convey the heat of high summer, and the stillness and quiet it imposes.
If you’re looking forward to your summer break, but haven’t yet finalized your holiday wardrobe, the Cincinnati show also features contemporary bathing suits alongside Potthast’s paintings – they fall somewhere between the bikini and the burkini, and make me thankful for my somewhat unexciting, black lycra one-piece.

Eternal Summer Eternal Summer The Art of Edward Henry Potthast
Julie Aronson. Contributions by Julie Aronson, Per Knutås, Carol Troyen, Cynthia Amnéus and Anne Buening

Eternal Summer opens June 8

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