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Fields of Vision

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Fields of Vision: The Photographs of Russell LeeThe Library of Congress

Published by GILES in association with The Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

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Published — (UK and USA)

Dimensions — 64 pages, 180 x 180 mm (7 1/8 x 7 1/8 in.)

Illustrations — 55 colour illustrations

Format — Paperback

ISBN — 978-1-904832-39-3

Book Details (pdf) — Fields_of_Vision_AI.pdf

Press Release — Evocative images of a vanished world

News  —  Photographs that document the human condition

Sales Points

"The most engaging aspect of Lee's book is the generous use of color" Charles Giuliano, Berkshire Fine Arts

“We could picture the frontier which has unalterably molded the American character and make frontier life vivid and understandable.” Russell Lee

“It’s hard to think of any photographer for whom a more plausible claim can be made that he recorded the entire life of the United States (at least, for people in the bottom two-thirds of the income distribution) at a particular historical moment—what Toqueville did as a social observer, or Dos Passos as a novelist, or John Gunther as a journalist.” Nicholas Lemann on Russell Lee

About the Book

The approximately 77,000 photographs in The Library of Congress’ collection from the (FSA), later the Office of War Information (OWI), provide a unique view of American life during the Great Depression and Second World War. This government photography project, headed by Roy E. Stryker, was initially conceived to document government loans to farmers and their resettlement in suburban communities, but the scope of the project expanded to create a visual record of agricultural workers across the United States. These evocative pictures transport the viewer to American homes, farms, and streets of the 1930s and 1940s, while offering a glimpse of a new narrative and intimate style that defined America. This volume features an introduction to the work of Russell Lee and presents 50 images selected from his work.

About the Author(s)

Nicholas Lemann has published five books, most recently Redemption: The Last Battle of the Civil War (2006). Since 1999, he has been a staff writer for The New Yorker; prior to that he was national correspondent of The Atlantic Monthly for fifteen years, and he has written for many other publications. He is dean of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. Amy Pastan is an independent editor and book packager. She was formerly a staff editor at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, and acquisitions editor at the Smithsonian Institution Press, where she developed award-winning books on photography and fine arts