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The Christian StoryFive Asian Artists Today

Published by GILES in association with the Museum of Biblical Art, New York

Published — (UK and USA)

Dimensions — 168 pages, 241 x 241mm (9 ½ x 9 ½ in.)

Illustrations — 68 colour and 6 b&w illustrations

Format — Hardback

ISBN — 978-1-904832-20-1

Book Details (pdf) — Christian_Story_AI.pdf

Press Release — Contemporary Asian artists bring a striking new...

Sales Points

"A book to enhance the library of anyone interested in the subtle fruits of the indigenization of the Gospel at both the sponsoring and receiving ends of the missionary enterprise. I would highly recommend it to students and teachers of mission, contextual theology, Christianity in Asia, and Asian art as a valuable, eye-opening and thought-provoking resource." Rosemary Dewerse, Mission Studies

About the Book

This colourful catalogue features paintings and statements by five leading contemporary Asian artists, Sawai Chinnawong (Thailand), He Qi (China), Nalini Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka), Nyoman Darsane (Bali) and Wisnu Sasongko (Thailand), which highlight the very different ways artists of diverse cultures today perceive Biblical tales. Over 40 new paintings are explored showing how the Judeo-Christian narrative has been adapted for both western and indigenous audiences. Though greatly influenced by regional and cultural traditions, many of these artists have also been exposed to western Judeo-Christian teachings, and it is this mixture of influences which is so striking in their work. The book considers the importance of these works to the development and exportation of Asian Biblical Art to the West and its reception, audience and patronage.

About the Author(s)

Patricia C. Pongracz is chief curator, Museum of Biblical Art, New York. She is the co-author of The Next Generation: Contemporary Expressions of Faith (2005) and Threads of Faith: Recent Works from the Women of Color Quilters Network (2004); John W. Cook is Professor Emeritus, Yale University and co-author of The New Testament: An Introduction to It’s Literature and History (1992); Volker Küster is professor of Intercultural Theology, Kampen Theological University, The Netherlands, and co-author of The Many Faces of Jesus Christ: Intercultural Christology ((2001)