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Revolution!The Atlantic World Reborn

Published by GILES in association with the New-York Historical Society

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Published — (UK and USA)

Dimensions — 288 pages, 292 x 229 mm (9 x 11½ in.), portrait

Illustrations — Approx. 160 colour illustrations

Format — Hardback

ISBN — 978-1-904832-94-2

Press Release — Revolution! The Atlantic World Reborn

News  —  Revolution! opens in Baton Rouge this month

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"Revolution! The Atlantic Word Reborn is a book that adds further nuances, documentary evidence, and perspectives to a period we think we know well. Instead of presenting the 18th century revolutions in America and France as intercontinental, and exclusively Eurocentric, struggles over political independence, national values and taxes; the book’s narratives include the Haitian Revolution into a wider Atlantic frame"-Temi Odumosu, The Image of Black

About the Book

Revolution!  is a fascinating illustrated volume which brings together three globally influential revolutions—in America, France, and Haiti—to explore the enormous transformations in the world’s politics and culture between the 1763 triumph of the British Empire in the Seven Years War and the end of the Napoleonic Wars 52 years later. While most histories of these revolutions have been told exclusively as chapters within national histories, Revolution! draws on an international cross-section of experts to present the story of the 18th-century Atlantic revolutions as a part of wider, intertwined, global narrative. Vivid text and images provide a context for our understanding of these major social upheavals and their lasting influence on contemporary society.

The volume accompanies the exhibition at the New-York Historical Society, November 11, 2011-April 15, 2012, travelling to Louisiana State Museum (Capitol Park Museum site) October 24, 2014-February 28, 2015).

About the Author(s)

Thomas Bender is the University Professor of the Humanities; professor of History and director of Graduate Studies at New York University. His publications include The Unfinished City: New York and the Metropolitan Idea (2007) and A Nation Among Nations: America’s Place in World History (2006). Laurent Dubois is professor of French Studies and History at Duke University, Durham, NC and a leading expert on Haitian history and culture. His books include Slave Revolution in the Caribbean, 1789–1804: A Brief History With Documents (with John Garrigus, 2006), and Avengers of the New World: The Story of the Haitian Revolution (2004). Richard Rabinowitz is one of the leading public historians in the United States. Over the past forty years he has led creative teams of scholars, curators, educators, artists, architects, designers and institutional planners in fashioning over five hundred successful and innovative history programs.